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Known issues

Missing support for Assembly BOM

Unfortunately, it's not possible to support Bill of Material Items of type Assembly in COBI.wms due to a limitation in SAP Business One:

Pre-Allocation of Batch and Serial Numbers for Pick Lists

If you want to decide for your warehouse employees which batch numbers or serial numbers they should pick, instead of letting them choose the batch or serial numbers themselves while picking, then you should be aware of the following issue.

Note: This issue only applies to Pick Lists without bin locations. If you're picking from a warehouse with bin locations, then this issue doesn't apply.

For an example, let's consider a Pick List based on a Sales Order, containing an item with batch numbers. The issue applies to other types of Pick Lists as well, and also to serial numbers, but we will use this scenario to explain the issue.

In SAP Business One, there are two ways you can pre-allocate batch numbers for the Pick List:

  1. Allocate the batch number only in the underlying Sales Order
  2. Allocate the batch number both in the Sales Order and in the Pick List

The second way is actually ideal, because the same Sales Order could have multiple Pick Lists that are based on it, so if you only allocated the batch in the Sales Order, it wouldn't be clear for which Pick List it is.

However, there is unfortunately a problem in the programming interface of SAP Business One, which prevents COBI.wms from updating a Pick List if it contains batch pre-allocations.

For this reason, you must only allocate the batch number in the underlying Sales Order, and not directly in the Pick List. If you have several Pick Lists based on the same Sales Order, your warehouse employees will see all batch numbers allocated in the underlying Sales Order.

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