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DataWedge Settings

Android-based scanner devices from Zebra need to be configured to make the scanner send scan-data to COBI.wms. This page describes how.

Adding a profile

  1. Open the App “DataWedge” on the Android devices
  2. Click the three dots at the top right and select “New Profile”
  3. Name the profile however you like, for example “COBI.wms”
  4. Open the newly created profile to edit it

Configuring the profile

The following settings have to be changed from the defaults.


The profile has to be associated with the COBI.wms Android app.

  1. Click on “Associated apps”
  2. Click the three dots at the top right and select “New app/activity”
  3. In the “Select application” window, scroll down until you find “de.cobi.wms” and select it
  4. In the “Select activity” window, select the “*” entry at the top

Barcode input

In this part of the settings you can change scanning behavior. For example, in the “Decoders” menu you can enable/disable different types of barcodes.

The following setting is required:

  1. Open the menu point “Scan params”
  2. Click on “Code Id Type” at the top
  3. Select “Code Id Type Aim”

Keystroke output

This setting has to be disabled. Simply uncheck the “Enabled” checkbox.

Intent output

This setting has to be enabled and configured.

  1. Make sure that “Enabled” is checked
  2. Click on the menu point “Intent action”
  3. Enter the following text: de.cobi.wms.action.DATAWEDGE_BARCODE
  4. Click on the menu point “Intent delivery”
  5. Select “Broadcast intent”

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