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Integration Framework Scenario Package

Warning: The use of Integration Framework with COBI.wms is deprecated and highly discouraged for new installations. Most new COBI.wms features are only available when using Service Layer.

For connecting COBI.wms to MS SQL Server-based SAP Business One installations that are older than version 10, you need to use the Integration Framework (also called B1i) because Service Layer is not available.

You can install and configure B1i from the official SAP Business One setup utility, where it's listed as Integration Solution Components.

After you've successfully installed and configured B1i, you have to import and activate the COBI.wms Scenario Package for B1i.


  1. Download the Scenario Package ZIP file to your computer:
  2. To import the Scenario Package, visit the page SCENARIOS → Import in the web interface of B1i, and select the ZIP file that you downloaded. You can leave all the check-boxes in the import page unchecked, just select the ZIP file and click Submit and then Import.
  3. After the import, visit the Control page from the menu on the left, above Import. Find the line for cobi.wms but don't activate the check-box yet. Instead, click on the three red arrows symbol on the right side, which will start the Setup Wizard.
  4. In the first step of the Setup, click on All Activate. Also click on All Generate if the Generate check-boxes are not already checked.
  5. In the second step, check HTTP-B1System. (If you don't have an HTTP system in the list, then please refer to the B1i documentation for creating an HTTP system under SLD.)
  6. In the other steps, you don't have to change anything, just leave the default values and click Deploy.
  7. Now to activate the package, click on the check-box on the left end of the line with cobi.wms. The page might hang for a moment, and will then ask you if the Scenario Package should be activated. Confirm it.

After the activation is done, you can click on the Trigger button on the right side of the cobi.wms line. This should show a list of URLs, which are all identical. This is the URL you need to insert into the APIURL field of the Management Database.

User-Defined Fields

When using the Integration Framework, you also have to add a number of UDFs to your SAP Business One company databases for COBI.wms transactions to work.

The following UDFs have to be added under both Marketing Documents → Title and Inventory → Pick List:

Name Description Data type
CWMS_Creator Username of the document's creator Alphanumeric (254)
CWMS_CreatorDevice Device ID with which the document was created Numeric (11)
CWMS_Updater Username of the last person who updated the document Alphanumeric (254)
CWMS_UpdaterDevice Device ID with which th edocument was last updated Numeric (11)
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